Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie & Julia

I loved, loved, loved the book. I read it the first week it came out. Anything to do with cooking.. it is my passion. I hope to go attend culinary school one day... it is on my bucket list. So I can not wait to see this movie. Meryl Streep is just beyond fabulous. Does it get any better?? We will being doing the Zoo today and then hitting the movies. Little Eloise E & Eloise G are pretty excited about seeing it...they love Mama Mia. Do you think it is ok for four year olds? Is anyone else going to see this?
OK - made it through the Housewives with out wine...but are they not one big HUGE HOT MESS. Boy- could you write this stuff? Life is way to short to be that self-centered...what do you think about them? It is like an addiction. I watch with my mouth dropped in shock and can not seem to change the channel. Had a cookie,two poached eggs and black coffee... here it goes... another day of cookies! Minus butter, cream and wine... my favorite things!!

Images borrowed from Wild about movies, Chicago Tribune, & Stephen Lovekin/Getty images!
Love,Love,Love YA


  1. Going to see it tomorrow...can't wait. I love both of these actresses!! You are so right about the mess for sure!! But like you, I am addicted to it... call me crazy!!!

  2. Must see! Hoping this weekend, but soon! Have a fun girls day! And a happy weekend, I will be guilty of catchin up on the Housewives this weekend!

  3. I too loved this book. I read it this summer. Fabulous. Marvelous. I am now reading Julia Child's My Life in France. Love it. Love it. Love it! Hoping to find the chance to take Rebecca to see the movie too!

  4. I'm blog hopping tonight. I think I just hopped over from My Blonde Reality. Last night, my daughter and I saw J&J. I thought it was great, so witty and smart! I'm having fun blog hopping off MBR. I'm a sewing and crafty blogger, so running around this blog circle, I'm getting to read all sorts of other things gals blog about. Cheers! -- michele


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