Sunday, August 30, 2009

I was tagged!!! Favorite Summer Memories!!

I was tagged by JMW.... You know her blog is fabulous!!! I then realized that I was originally tagged by The Entertaining House....her blog is fabulous..... then my blonde moments made me think - I think I was tagged for the same thing by the MRS. (One Fabulous MOM).......her blog is fabulous and she was the creator of this wonderful post!!!
Then I am reading her post and truly think that we are sisters from another I share in her favorite things!!

Favorite Summer Cocktail......... This summer it was the Mojito. I am crazy for fresh mint leaves!!! Usually it is the Patron Margarita on the rocks- no salt..... fresh limes please!!!

Favorite Summer Movie........ Grease was my favorite summer movie for most my life. I saw it the day it came out ....for my birthday! I think I was eight? So that is a must!! I love to see Blue Crush.... it reminds me of my many summers in Hawaii. Some my say Cheesey movie...but the islands are the best!!! To date my favorite summer must is Something's Gotta Give.
It is like the Family Stone..... we start watching in October and it is our Family Christmas movie!!!

Favorite Summer Song........Summertime (1957 Version) done by the fabulous Ella Fitzgerald. However.. the Sam Cooke version is the one I remember listening too as a child. If that doesn't make you want to be at the beach with your toes in the sand and a cocktail in the hand.... I don't know what does!!!

Favorite Summer Time Outfit....... I live it everyday.... Lilly Pulitzer or White Dry Cleaned Jeans and a monogrammed polo. Of course pearls around the neck and Steve Bonnano's on the feet!!!

Favorite Summer Reading.......... You know I am a Town & Country girl and my summer reading list is theirs! Each summer they guide me to what I need to be reading!!! Geek Alert - I totally write down the books I need to read and cross them off as I go!!! Social Climbers is a must for anyone who has not read it....

Favorite Summer Moment......... Summer vacations with my family. I summered each summer with my grandparents in Hawaii.... those memories are priceless. I am hoping our girls will cherish the memories that we are making each summer.

I now tag these following fabulous blogs.......I hope I don't tag anyone already I am a little late on this!!!

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Love,Love,Love YA


  1. Thanks! I did my tag - but more directed to this particular summer!

  2. Fun! I really need another monogrammed polo. My RL one is getting kinda old and faded

  3. Thanks for the tag! I thought of you today as I listened to Eloise in Hollywood in the car. Char insisted on watching it everytime we got into the car today!



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