Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Papa!!!

Ok...tonight is Atlanta Housewives!! I just found out who Big Papa was. Wow is his home off the charts. If you have not seen it - you have to check it out. It puts the Spelling Manor a run for it's money. I wonder if we will ever see Big Papa on the show? The wife seems so nice and sweet. Bless her heart! Ok - today was the first day that both girls were healthy and attending a whole day of school. I am beyond proud of them and miss them terribly. I must say it was so nice to be able to cook dinner - clean the house and have all organized for our evening routine. Have a fabulous day!!!!
You know I have no clue how to add a link...I don't know if you can click on the Tmz will show you the MTV tour of the casa!!! You know this blogging for me - is always a work in progress!!
Love,Love,Love YA
All images borrowed from Tmz


  1. So easy... just learned a while ago how to link. Type the name of link or just the word "here" , highlight it and click on thing that looks like a paper clip with circle world under it - next to the T/color block on top of post box. A box will come up with http:// - you will then type the rest of the address there. Then hit OK! So weird seeing Big Papa... hope this helps you!!

  2. OMG! I am dying that you just told me who he is! I am going to do serious recon on him. LOL! Loving the atl houswives. Nene makes me howl. I follow her on twitter!!!

  3. The girls are in school!!! Bittersweet.
    Enjoy your "free" time. I'm sure you have much to do while they are away. Mine go back next week. Not looking forward to it. Can't believe summer is almost over. :(

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