Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gracious & Grateful

We are back from our trip and we had a fabulous time. Hoping everyone is enjoying the last days of summer. This leads me to my story...... You know when you are a resort or club pool there are friendly unspoken rules. Especially when you have little ones.
  1. Don't take other children's toys.
  2. Don't pooh in the pool!
  3. Don't take children's rafts that don't belong to you.
OK.... Someone had their five year old take a pooh in the pool!! The pool had to be shut down. WTH!! One day we where playing at the pool and another little girl was taking all our pool toys. My little ladies are four and really are not into sharing with strangers that take their stuff. Eloise E kept going up to the little girl..."May I have my turtle back".... this went on forever. At one point Eloise E came to me in tears. The Mom was like CLUELESS. Do you not tell your little ones not to touch stuff that does not belong to them...HELLO!
The best was when we went to the DIVE-IN (Nemo was the movie of the evening).
I- of course brought my own(Lobster) rafts for my girls. The resort supplied rafts that were tubes and of course ran out. I had numerous parents come up to ask if they could have my rafts? The girls were swimming around in the pool..waiting for the movie to start. Why would anyone want to take a four year olds raft for their older children? WTH.... The best was when the parents then...sent their kids to ask for the rafts. I had a five year old tell me off... insisting that I give her the rafts. It was clear that they were not they were the only lobster rafts. I truly was in shock.
My conclusion to all this- WTH? Have you ever had any such experience?

Love,Love,Love YA


  1. Oh little kids! Your poor littles! What a vacation be without a little excitement!

  2. People just don't have manners anymore. It makes me cringe

  3. we've all gone to pot I tell ya!!! I couldn't help but LOL at the pooh in the pool... has happened to us before as well... what can you do but sit back and laugh and thank the heavens that it was not your child's pooh!

    Welcome back!

  4. That is just crazy. I wonder about some people...
    Someone's child pooped in our community's pool the other day and they shut down the pool for a day. ONE day. You know it takes several days to empty and refill a pool. Sooooo, that means all they did is dump some chemicals into the pool. I was and still am so grossed out!

  5. did you go to key largo? I love the Ocean Reef there! :) lovely

  6. I worked at a summer camp and kids always pooped in the pool. Even worse: they couldn't empty it so they would fish out the poop then add tons of chlorine to try and "clean" it. YUCK!


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