Thursday, July 30, 2009

9 Years ago today......

We said I DO with family & friends here......
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Winter Walker Snowshoes, Women's
Winter Walker® Snowshoes, Youths' 19Winter Walker® Snowshoes, Youths' 19

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week. I have a question for you. Have you ever Snowshoed before? I am thinking we might mix this in on our ski trip. I love seeing everyone doing it and think it might be smashing fun. The pink ones had me at hello!!!
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All images were borrowed of course from of my FAVORITE stores!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Fun!

Jamaica.jpg image by FindStuff2DSCN2601.jpg image by FindStuff2We just got in from a little get-away....hosted by Mother-in Law....AKA Grammy! She is just too fabulous for words. It was a girlie get-away plus one little man. I think he didn't mind being out numbered. My sister-in-law, my niece and nephew, Grammy and us girls had a blast. Eloise E and Eloise G both got an American Girls & turtles from their cousins. The best part was that they got to hang with their older cousins. Don't I have the best Mother-in-Law..... so thoughtful and beyond giving!! So what are your plans for the Summer's End?
The only bad thing was... when returning home to two missing fish. Movie Star and Cute Baby are now in goldfish heaven.... Good thing Daddie didn't forget to feed the bunny and our two yorkies!! The girls have not noticed...YET!
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hooked on Houses......

You have to check-out Hooked on Houses and! Both these fabulous blogs are done by Julia. I think everyone knows by now that I have an obsession with design. I redecorate...(move furniture around) in my home at least every other month. I devour all home and design books & magazines. I re-watch some of my favorite movies..just to look at the interior of the homes. Example - Father of the Bride & Somethings Gotta Give! This brings me to how I met Julia. I was in a hurry to find an image for my profile. So I googled Father of the Bride- The home! I came across this fabulous image, pasted and went along my way.

Days later - I went to view the pictures of the home and realized that I had taken a picture from a fellow blogger. My heart sunk... I hurried to spill what I had done...... We'll let's just say Julia was beyond understanding and even was gracious enough to allow me to post her picture. I was so excited to have found both her they both are smashing. They truly are a work of art. I know you will love them too! So thanks so much to Hooked on Houses. Here is one of my favorite posts of hers.....
All images were borrowed from HookedonHouses!!
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The Beach House in “Something’s Gotta Give”

I just realized that she even has a post on all of her List of All Movie Posts!!! This post is to die for!! This blog is my new obsession!! What a perfect Saturday at home!! Cheers!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

We HEART Tory Burch!!

The Private Sale is Here...Save up to 70% off!

There is nothing left at this sale!!! Do you remember when The Tory Burch Boutique crashed RueLALA!!! I guess our Love for Tory Burch is strong. Let's face it...her stuff is fabulous. Were you lucky enough to get any thing at her private sale? I was so pleased to be able to get some pieces at Last Call... birthday gifts that I buy for my self. Hubbie is extremely forgetful. Ten years together- I learned to help him out a little. All images borrowed from Tory
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Enthralled with Nan Kempner.....

When other little girls would devour Vogue and imagined themselves becoming a model. I wanted to be Nan Kempner. I lived for Town & Country and would just fancy any article on Nan. To me - she was like my Princess Diana. I was enamored with all that she wore. I found her to be beyond chic. I once had an assignment in school... we where to describe what you wanted to be when you grew up. When I presented my project with images of Nan and described her grand life and style...let's just say I don't think my fourth grade teacher appreciated it. So my question to you is... who do you think has posh style today? Who did you admire?

Love,Love,Love YA
All images borrowed from various web-sites.?? I try!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In my daily reads today, I came across this post on Habitually,love, love this blog. What are you thoughts on this? Has it ever happened to you? Interesting!!!
All images and article is borrowed from Habitually Chic!
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Plagarism is Not Chic

Posted: 21 Jul 2009 07:00 PM PDT

Much of the time, bloggers write about the same people, magazine articles or events. We often use the same photos and source materials. It's usually no big deal if someone writes a similar post about a similar topic. But when another blogger copies word for word what you have written, that steps over the line into plagiarism. I normally like to stay away from negativity on my blog but I was so shocked at what I found today that I feel I have to address it publicly.

This past March 16th, I spent hours working on a post about the Perfect Paris Penthouse of Giancarlo Giammetti. I looked everywhere for the right photos that would showcase the apartment. I knew I had seen it featured in an old Town & Country magazine and was able to find it on Peter Marino's website. I also pulled out my copy of the Vogue Living book. I knew the late Fernando Bengoechea took the photos so I pulled a few from his website. I spent hours writing the story and making sure that I properly credited Peter Marino for his quotes. And of course, I also added my two cents about how much I loved the apartment and it's design. I actually stayed up late that night to put it all together.

So when I noticed that another interior designer and blogger had also written about Giancarlo's apartment today, I took a look at her post. (She has since taken it down.) I was interested to read her take on it. What I wasn't prepared to find was that she had copied most of my text or changed it very little. At the end, she had credited seven sources, none of which were my blog. I understand the similarities where we have quoted Peter Marino but she has blatantly copied parts that I wrote such as "Giancarlo Giammetti is the business brains counterpart to Valentino's creative genius." Also, where I said that "evidence that no detail was overlooked or no expense was spared!" Those were my words not a phrase that came out of any of the articles or books. And "what I love about the apartment was even though it was completed in 1977, it doesn't look dated at all." She took all of these for her post and more.

I emailed this blogger earlier and copied a few other bloggers on it as witnesses. I told her that she could either change it, remove it or credit me. She took it down finally but I still have received no reply. I decided to post this also as a warning to other bloggers. People will notice if you copy someone else but not only that, it takes all the fun out of blogging. Everyone should have their own voice and opinion. It's part of the reason that I try to post original content or to make sure I credit my source of inspiration. I hope everyone will try to do the same going forward.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Sweetest Gift!

Today I turn 38.... Yikes.....times flies. I awoke to my two little girls singing me Happy Birthday. The sound of them singing is the sweetest thing!! Wishing everyone a fabulous day. What is your most cherished birthday gift? What is your ideal birthday? Mine is what we are doing today. We are doing lunch together and then I am off to the club for a facial and a massage and then we will have a dinner celebration together. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!!
Love,Love,Love YA

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Story of Us......

Our family came to be in New York City. Hubbie purposed to me.....we toasted our engagement at The Oak Room.  We toasted to all the babies we were going to have. Five years later.....  still no babies.  Celebrating our marriage on a ski trip.....we gave up trying and decided to just appreciate our union. We got another little yorkie!  That spring we planned two weekends away- back to back. Let's just say I got pregnant on the first get-away and then my eggs split on the next weekend get-away. That is how little Eloise G & Eloise E came to be. 
 Shopping in Neimans - I took one of MANY pregnancy tests and it was Positive. You ask yourself, what?  If you have had twins know how sick you feel. I was about to check myself into the hospital, it being closer to Neimans then my house.  Advised to take one of the many pregger sticks out of my purse and check that first.  I found out all my dreams were about to come true in the bathroom of Neiman Marcus. Having celebrating all accomplishments and good times at the Mermaid Bar in truly seemed perfect.
Many months of bed-rest and tons of sonograms later. Our family began! 
So how did you become a family? 
Love,Love,Love YA

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello..Nice to meet you!!

This is my new public blog. Yes- that picture above is me on certain days of mommiehood.... minus the cigarette. Though smoking ciggs are not my thing. A fabulous glass of wine or two is. Even though- I now live for my family, I did once live life to the fullest. At the prime of Sex in the City. I was single and living in a posh city. I was part of an Entourage that went out five of the seven nights. Once in a blue moon... I miss my nights of Cosmos and Manolo Blahniks. I now have a horrible Morton's Neuroma from all that "all night" dancing in those Manolos. My shoe of choice is a pair of Gucci Sandals. So here it goes.....
What were you like like PRE-MOMMIE?
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All images borrowed from HBO.

Taking it one day at a time!