Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I just Die.....

I am so happy that Rachel Zoe is back... did you not go bananas? Thoughts??? Sorry I have not been blogging, Mama Camp has come an end and the little ones have started school. I balled my eyes out and felt so lost with out them. They are loving school and I think they miss me a little. How is your returning to school going? Love,Love,Love YA
Images borrowed from thatgirllucy & shophop.com & loudreams!!


  1. Yes, love her! We are gearing up for school here too, very sad about how happy this makes my little man :)

  2. Hello - LOVE your blog - thank you so much for sharing such great writing and pictures. Your header shot is just the best !!! Best wishes !

  3. 13 days and counting... still have haircuts, shoes and a few uniform items to get... Alexander turns 4 on Labor Day so we'll have one last hurrah before school starts. Despite my wishing them back, I know I will be terribly sad too!

  4. Entertaining Mom helped me find you :) I LOVE, love Rachel Zoe!

  5. Looove Rachel Zoe. She is sooo fabulous!


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