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In my daily reads today, I came across this post on Habitually,love, love this blog. What are you thoughts on this? Has it ever happened to you? Interesting!!!
All images and article is borrowed from Habitually Chic!
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Plagarism is Not Chic

Posted: 21 Jul 2009 07:00 PM PDT

Much of the time, bloggers write about the same people, magazine articles or events. We often use the same photos and source materials. It's usually no big deal if someone writes a similar post about a similar topic. But when another blogger copies word for word what you have written, that steps over the line into plagiarism. I normally like to stay away from negativity on my blog but I was so shocked at what I found today that I feel I have to address it publicly.

This past March 16th, I spent hours working on a post about the Perfect Paris Penthouse of Giancarlo Giammetti. I looked everywhere for the right photos that would showcase the apartment. I knew I had seen it featured in an old Town & Country magazine and was able to find it on Peter Marino's website. I also pulled out my copy of the Vogue Living book. I knew the late Fernando Bengoechea took the photos so I pulled a few from his website. I spent hours writing the story and making sure that I properly credited Peter Marino for his quotes. And of course, I also added my two cents about how much I loved the apartment and it's design. I actually stayed up late that night to put it all together.

So when I noticed that another interior designer and blogger had also written about Giancarlo's apartment today, I took a look at her post. (She has since taken it down.) I was interested to read her take on it. What I wasn't prepared to find was that she had copied most of my text or changed it very little. At the end, she had credited seven sources, none of which were my blog. I understand the similarities where we have quoted Peter Marino but she has blatantly copied parts that I wrote such as "Giancarlo Giammetti is the business brains counterpart to Valentino's creative genius." Also, where I said that "evidence that no detail was overlooked or no expense was spared!" Those were my words not a phrase that came out of any of the articles or books. And "what I love about the apartment was even though it was completed in 1977, it doesn't look dated at all." She took all of these for her post and more.

I emailed this blogger earlier and copied a few other bloggers on it as witnesses. I told her that she could either change it, remove it or credit me. She took it down finally but I still have received no reply. I decided to post this also as a warning to other bloggers. People will notice if you copy someone else but not only that, it takes all the fun out of blogging. Everyone should have their own voice and opinion. It's part of the reason that I try to post original content or to make sure I credit my source of inspiration. I hope everyone will try to do the same going forward.


  1. Great article! I know I will see or read something and have an idea about the same item/topic, but there are enough views to go around! And I hope I never make anyone feel like I have taken their thought! I at least give credit where credit is due!

  2. Headbands and Hand Bags..... (Love that name!!!)
    Me too! Even when I am posting about a book that I love and some else has already posted about...I always note that blog in my post.
    Have a fabulous day!!

  3. Hi D2 and welcome to my blog. Your blog is very cute. I had someone use a photo I took for their icon without asking permission but they probably thought it looked so professional that they just copied it. I am giving myself way too much credit! :)

  4. Love how Pink Martini dubbed you D2! I think plagiarism should not be tolerated in the blogging world! Everyone can have an opinion but copy text is very wrong. Credit the original idea and give your own views!

  5. This topic gives me such heartburn. There are numerous people that I've caught red handed using my text or photos to sell their products. I have a lawyer on retainer. It's horrible that I have to spend my time and money on this. I even had a magazine call me once to report someone. I know they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...I'm not flattered, especially when someone is profiting. The interesting thing is that these people all have trademark and copyright notices slapped all over their websites. I guess they are worried someone might steal my ideas from them. ;)

  6. I always try to give credit. I can't imagine copying someone else's blog word for word. Great post!

  7. Thanks for sharing this interesting post! How strange that someone would do that!

  8. I love your blog! And its so funny, I remember reading about NK and seeing the pictures of her closet like it was yesterday. Wouldn't it have been fun to play dress up in there? Habitually chic is amazing too...:)

  9. Just getting to this now. I've found a site that will copyright and protect blogs. I put it on mine just yesterday, in fact. I have so much of my own creative and very personal writing that I would hate to have someone else try to pass it off as their own. Come on over. The link is on the upper right hand corner. You can click on it and you will go to the site.

    Just so you know I am pretty certain that other blogger is nowhere near as brilliant as you my dear!

    Cheers and XOXO


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