Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hooked on Houses......

You have to check-out Hooked on Houses and! Both these fabulous blogs are done by Julia. I think everyone knows by now that I have an obsession with design. I redecorate...(move furniture around) in my home at least every other month. I devour all home and design books & magazines. I re-watch some of my favorite movies..just to look at the interior of the homes. Example - Father of the Bride & Somethings Gotta Give! This brings me to how I met Julia. I was in a hurry to find an image for my profile. So I googled Father of the Bride- The home! I came across this fabulous image, pasted and went along my way.

Days later - I went to view the pictures of the home and realized that I had taken a picture from a fellow blogger. My heart sunk... I hurried to spill what I had done...... We'll let's just say Julia was beyond understanding and even was gracious enough to allow me to post her picture. I was so excited to have found both her they both are smashing. They truly are a work of art. I know you will love them too! So thanks so much to Hooked on Houses. Here is one of my favorite posts of hers.....
All images were borrowed from HookedonHouses!!
Love,Love,Love YA

The Beach House in “Something’s Gotta Give”

I just realized that she even has a post on all of her List of All Movie Posts!!! This post is to die for!! This blog is my new obsession!! What a perfect Saturday at home!! Cheers!!


  1. You both need to come over & help me!

  2. I love shingled houses, like the ones in nantucket and cape cod!!!

  3. Love the new blog! Very creative :)

  4. Great blog- it's my first visit. Hooked on Houses is fun, isn't it?

  5. That house is in San Marino! I drive by it often! (the house from father of the bride)

  6. I LOVE Hooked on Houses and I LOVE your new blog! So sweet! We are huge Eloise fans as well! (And you are soooo right- your girls do remind me so much of Eloise!)


  7. I adored both those houses. So fun to see more of them!


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