Friday, July 24, 2009

We HEART Tory Burch!!

The Private Sale is Here...Save up to 70% off!

There is nothing left at this sale!!! Do you remember when The Tory Burch Boutique crashed RueLALA!!! I guess our Love for Tory Burch is strong. Let's face it...her stuff is fabulous. Were you lucky enough to get any thing at her private sale? I was so pleased to be able to get some pieces at Last Call... birthday gifts that I buy for my self. Hubbie is extremely forgetful. Ten years together- I learned to help him out a little. All images borrowed from Tory
Love,Love,Love YA


  1. I checked early yesterday, and there was nothing there except for a few not-very-attractive pieces!

  2. I received the email too yesterday and cheked the website immediately but as you said, everything worth it was sold-out (they must have had a pre-private final sale). I almost bought a wallet (because I need a new one and I loved the orange color) but it was a currency holder and it's not what I was looking for.

    And did you see the Fendi sale on GILT yesterday??? OMG, I almost pulled the trigger on a Spy bag, luckily someone bought it before me...

  3. Forgot to say, I lile your blog but it's quite obvious since I've subscribed...

  4. unfortunately, I didn't get a thing, by the time I got around to visiting the site, just about everything was swooped up!

  5. Omg omg omg! First time to visit and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I had to comment ... before reading. So I am off to read! Many thanks for going non-private too and you know I love 'em both! Xoxo-BLC


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